Tempus Delay Analysis was formed in November 2012 by Ian Robinson, a former partner at Davis Langdon LLP where he led the Legal Support Team for a number of years. Ian set up the practice to offer a bespoke service to the construction industry specialising in forensic delay analysis.

Tempus Delay Analysis is based on Fleet Street in central London and is within walking distance of both the TCC, IDRC and many of the Chambers and Solicitors based in London.

Ian is a well-respected figure in the field of Delay Analysis and has a wealth of experience having been involved on range of different claims across the world often producing expert reports and giving oral evidence when required. As well as his experience in Delay Analysis, Ian has also co-written a number of publications including the Aqua Guide to Procurement, Tendering and Contract Administration.

Ian has a dedicated team of professionals working alongside him, each of whom have brought with them experience in forensic analysis of construction projects, extensive client facing experience and on-site experience.

The team at Tempus Delay Analysis are adept at utilising the different techniques to analyse construction delays and have the knowledge and skill sets to carry out detailed, thorough, forensic examinations of construction delays.